Tainan Confucius Temple (台南孔廟)

Tainan City

Taiwan  |  Winter 2018

Tainan was small, but had really great weather.. Well at least for me anyway, considering it's pretty much rained all the times I was in Taipei. It was sunny and warm but not sticky - the best weather to travel around!

I took the High Speed Rail (HSR) to get to Tainan from Taipei in about 3 hours. It's funny that the HSR reminds me a lot like the Japanese Shinkansen and it felt like I was still in Japan ? It turned out that it's the same model as the Japanese one. Similar to the JR Pass, Taiwan also offers passes for the HSR - and I got the 3 days one. The trip to Tainan from Taiwan and back costs about the same when getting an individual tickets, so that's how I ended up getting the pass. 
Due to my clumsiness though, I lost the pass at the end of this Tainan trip ?

First thing first, the transportation. Tainan doesn't have that many train stations like in Taipei, so busses are the most common public transportations and they're easily accessible everywhere. The downside though, the customer service isn't the greatest. It reminds me of when I travelled in Korea - the drivers were rough and rude, the way they drive gave me a headache and made me want to throw up everytime I was on it. The busses were pretty clean though. 

An important tip while travelling in Taiwan with a bus

Get the EasyCard and make sure to have them charged before getting on. Otherwise you'll have to use cash and you have to use exact amount as they don't give you a change.

I started by visiting the Anping District that consists of this old town street and Fort Zeelandia. This area isn't particulary big, I think I spent about a couple of hours there. Then I moved on to The Confucius Temple which can be accessed again with a bus. From there on, I found this cool little street just across the street before moving on to Minzu Road and Shennong Street.

I wanted to visit the Flower Night Market but unfortunately it was closed that day. I didn't realise this until I started walking there and realised that the bus wasn't running because there was no market that day - I had to walk all the way back ? I suggest to check out the opening hours before going there!

On the way back to the main station, I made a quick stop at the National Park not far from the Tainan HSR Station.