Rainbow Village (彩虹眷村)

Rainbow Village

臺中 Taichung, Taiwan  |  Winter 2018

Rainbow Village is actually a resident of Huang Yung-fu (aka Rainbow Huang), which is also the artist who painted this village. This village was initially a village with a lot of houses and residents but the government tore them down one by one. The students from the Ling Tung discovered the paintings a few years ago, and started becoming more popular. More tourists coming in and visiting it, and finally the locals did a protest for the government to stop the demolition. It did work at the end, as the village still exist until now.

The village itself is quite tiny, I'd say you can explore in less than 10 mins max. I personally think it's worth visiting because I've never seen anything quite like this before, but just keep in mind that it's quite a bit far from everywhere else and placed in quite in the middle of nowhere. If you are going there, make sure to do it on the weekdays as it can get quite packed on the weekend.