Snow at the Shinjuku Terrace

Christmas in Shinjuku

Japan  |  2018

 I named this set Christmas in Shinjuku is because in January 2018, Tokyo snowed pretty heavily for the first time in 4 years! Usually Christmas is associated with snow thus the name 🙂

I initially was hesitant to go out because it was freezing cold (under 0º) and wanted to stay home but after witnessing the outside from my room's balcony window, I got more excited! That's when I decided to go to Shinjuku as it's close to where I live and it would look great esp at night due to the night lights esp at the Kabukicho area.

So I got there and wow the snow was coming down HARD, not as bad as when I was at Kusatsu Onsen though, but still made all of us surprised and awed so much. Lots of people also came home early from work because they feared of more train cancellations. Again, Tokyo is not used to having snow like this so most people were unprepared. As a result, by dawn Shinjuku got pretty quiet (RARE!) and the only people I could see were mostly tourists as they would've stayed near the area.

This was a really exciting moment and time as I felt like this is definitely one of the most important moment in my life - an experience that I would probably never encountered ever again. But who knows right, maybe there will be another time. When that time does happen, I'll surely move to another location. Possibly somewhere around Tokyo station or Marunouchi?